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All men want to look strong and big, that is why weight lifting is so popular nowadays. Nonetheless, some men find this activity too troublesome, difficult or time-consuming. For this reason they opt for muscle-building supplements. One of such products is MaxT which is said to promote muscle growth and to provide the user with an alluring and masculine look

MaxT is manufactured by an unreputable badly-known American company which claims that this supplement contains successful ingredients which are expected to convey results only within a few days. It works by enhancing the metabolic rate, increasing the testosterone level, and burning fat. It is also said to improve your sexual execution and the quality of your erections. There is no official website, thus it is difficult to say whether the product is effective and safe for usage.

The information on the main ingredients in this muscle booster is very limited online. However, I managed to find basic data. The product has a long ingredient list, but we are going to discuss only active components. the first one is Maca Root. It is used in many different supplement to adjust the hormone levels in the human body. It also promises to enhance moxie and improve stamina. Extracts from maca act like estrogen, a feminine hormone. As far as I know, this hormone is not good for males.

Yohimbe is a strong ingredient that gives the male body a shiver sensation by improving the blood stream and general vitality. According to webmd, this component is ineffective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe has not been proven effective in any of the research studies. It is also ineffective for improving exercise performance. An extended research showed that taking yohimbe for 21 days does not improve build muscle mass or physical performance. Besides, this compound can cause a number of side effects which carry potential dangers for the human health.

L-Arginine is said to help improve the blood stream in the whole body. It means more nutrients to the muscles. But it does not necessarily mean that your muscles will start growing immediately. To make them grow you'll need to exercise hard in the gym and to lift weight. L-Arginine can expand the veins and improve sexual execution. According to webmd, there is insufficient evidence to prove the effectiveness of L-Arginine for exercise performance. Some evidence demonstrates that taking 6 grams of this compound increases exercise time. But other evidence shows that taking L-arginine does not alter performance in male cyclists in any way.

Horny Goat Weed is added to MaxT to enhance the stamina and vitality of the user. There is insufficient evidence to support its effectiveness for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), ejaculation problems or any other sexual problems. It is also not scientifically proven that this ingredient can somehow influence general execution of the user. This ingredient is prohibited to people suffering from hypotension, as it is able to lower your blood pressure even more.

Tribulus Teristris is one of the major fixings to maintain normal testosterone levels. It is also said to improve sexual execution and increase the muscle mass. According to some research, it expands digestion system. However, according to webmd, this compound is possibly ineffective for enhancing athletic performance. A big study showed that taking tribulus doesn't enhance exercise performance or body composition of athletes. It doesn't influence fertility as well. Early research showed that taking Tribestan, a specific tribulus supplement, for 30 days improves sperm movement, sperm count, and volume of ejaculate. But another research didn't support these data.

As the product does not have its own official website, nothing can be found about possible side effects on this muscle-building product. There are only some precautions. MaxT is not allowed to usage by people under 18. Avoid overdosing and keep the container in a dry and cool place. It is not excepted that the product may contain hurtful chemicals and fillers because there is no data denying this risk. Almost all of the fixings have been clinically tried but few of them were proven safe for usage. For this reason, this supplement should be taken only by the doctor's prescription and under the supervision of a specialist.

Yohimbe is an active ingredient in the product. Taking it might be risky for people with bleeding disorders as this component makes the blood thinner. Prople suffering from schizophrenia need to use yohimbe with caution. Men with prostate problems should stay aside from taking yohimbe as it might make the symptoms benign prostatic hyperplasia worse. This ingredient should also be avoided by people with liver disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and kidney disease. Yohimbe has a tendency to slow the flow of urine.

Generally speaking, MaxT is not recommended to people with high blood pressure or low blood pressure. This supplement might make anxiety and depression worse in people with these conditions. It should also be used by diabetics with caution. Let us have a look at several user' reviews about the use of MaxT.

"I have been utilizing MaxT for a month already in order to get more grounded muscles. I can say that it is not as stunning as it is said. It is really expensive for a product of this kind."

"This item made me feel very sick by lowering my blood pressure too much! I could not go to work and even took a day off. Beware of MaxT if you suffer from low blood pressure. You can die."

"My doctor prescribes MaxT to me to improve my erectile function, but after taking it for two month I didn't see or feel any change. This product is completely useless. I think I will have to search for another one."

The usual price of the product is $199.99 but at present Amazon sells it for $99.99 plus free shipping. The supplement can be also bought from other retail stores such as Walmart, Newhealthsupplement, GNC, etc.

MaxT is not the best muscle formula available on the modern market. It can be harmful and even dangerous for your health. Besides, it is extremely expensive. There is lack of information about its ingredients. So, if you really want to elevate your physique, reduce recovery time and enhance physical and sexual performance, you should look for a product offered by a popular reputable company.

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